New stable release 2023.12-1 available and shipped to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Grml-Forensic?

Grml-Forensic is a derivative of the Grml Linux live system which has been modified to aid in forensic investigations and data rescue tasks. Grml itself is a well known and established Debian based live system for system administrators. On top of that Grml-Forensic provides all the features of Grml and additionally includes several forensic tools and default operating modes for secure analysis and data acquisition. One of the main features of Grml-Forensic is, that it won't modify anything unless it's explicitly told to do so.

By purchasing Grml-Forensic you'll get:

  • An official, well tested and reliable Live system focused on forensical investigations and data rescue.
  • A live system fitting your needs, using exactly the default bootoptions just as you like it. No need to remaster anything for you.
  • The exclusive english and german handbook for Grml-Forensic.
  • Access to the non-public Grml-Forensic Bug Tracking System.
  • Guarantee to stay anonymous. No matter whether you report bugs, have any questions or just want to talk to our developers - you won't appear anywhere in the public. We guarantee that we won't share your information - period.
  • ... and many more features.

Where does the name 'Grml-Forensic' come from?

Grml-Forensic is based on the Debian based Linux live system known as Grml. Grml is used by tens of thousands of happy users. Whereas Grml is meant especially for system administrators and texttool users the target audience of Grml-Forensic are forensical investigators and people in the data rescue business. Because we don't want to hide where our product is deriving from we decided that Grml-Forensic is a nice product name.

Is Grml-Forensic a fork of Grml?

Absolutely NOT! Grml-Forensic is developed and backed by official developers of the Grml live system. It's not about forking but instead we do provide with Grml-Forensic exactly what business needs and requests. We do not work against the open source project but instead we continuously support it.

Why isn't Grml-Forensic available for free?

Grml itself is available for free. Grml is a community project, being maintained by experienced system administrators and software engineers who are volunteers. Being an open source project and run by volunteers there aren't any mandatories and just limited possibilities for support. That's where Grml-Forensic comes into rescue. The business backed project provides you a reliable live system and support team.

We don't just take from the open source community but instead are part of it. Our developers are experienced Debian developers with knowledge in the lower parts of the system (kernel, udev, initramfs-tools/live-initramfs,...) as well as in the upper layer (Debian packaging, build system, userspace software,...). Our technical lead developer and founder of Grml-Forensic - Michael Prokop - is contributor in the Debian Security Tools Packaging Team, inventor and maintainer of established software (grml-live, grml-debootstrap, grml2usb,...) as well as a contributor to several software projects (FAI, initramfs-tools, live-boot,...).

Of course you are free to use and customize Grml according to your needs but if you want a well tested live system for forensical investigations and data rescue you might consider buying Grml-Forensic.

Why another forensic system?

Grml being the base of Grml-Forensic is developed since 2003. During that time the developers gained deep knowledge with regards to the boot process of a Linux live system and the needs for a trustworthy system. The existing forensic solutions are either not reliable enough or do not provide a comfortable working environment. Having a flexible build-framework for building Linux live systems (known as grml-live) and deep knowledge with regards to building reliable live systems made the decision an easy one to create and provide a Linux live system focused on forensic investigations and data rescue tasks.

Who are the people behind Grml-Forensic?

Grml-Forensic is developed and backed by Grml Solutions.

Where is Grml-Forensic available from?

Grml-Forensic is provided only to selected customers. If you are interested in licensing Grml-Forensic, please contact us.