New stable release 2023.12-1 available and shipped to customers.



If you are interested in business cooperation with Grml-Forensic please contact us via .


Even though Grml-Forensic is sold for money we're often asked whether it's possible to contribute to Grml-Forensic and which ways exist to cooperate with us. As we aren't just taking from the open source community but are part of it we are working together with several upstream projects on a daily base. If you want to become part of the Grml-Forensic community check out the following ways how to reach and work with us.

How to contribute

The best way to contribute is to report your feedback, wish list and bugreports to the Grml-Forensic developers. Either send a mail or join us on IRC.


Please send your mail to contact (at) (We will respect your privacy and won't publish any private details without your permission.)


You can meet us at #grml-forensic on The official channel language is english, though most of Grml-Forensic's developers speak german as well.

Further ways to contact us

Please visit the contact webpage for further details.